Our company 'New Kali International Trade' continues to work along our parent company 'NKL EPS Machinery Manufacturer' together with our sister company New Kali EPS Industrial co., Ltd. 

The introduction of these company will continue to have strong relationships with the existing EPS Machinery customers world wide . 

Over the years we have supplied outstanding customer service and products at a high standard internationally. We endeavour to continue this reputable brand with our new companies, that we have created with our previous clients to further expand in the market place. 

'New Kali International Trade co., ltd' would be able to supply more products internationally, while still continue to have strong connections with the EPS Machinery range, that includes still supplying EPS raw materials, steel coil, wire mesh, steel rib bar, and rode wool etc. We have 20 years experience of foreign trade, and look forward to continually providing superior customer service satisfaction to all our new and existing clients, while introducing new innovative technology that will produce high quality products at very competitive prices.