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NKL---Rock wool


NKL---Rock  wool


1. Small coefficient of heat conductivity and good capability of heating preservation.

2. Outstanding effect of energy-saving.

3. Excellent fireproof capability. Excellent sound absorption and waterproof capability.

4. Green thermal insulation materials and no harm for body.

5. The folded rock wool board with certain compression resistance has greater drawing strength,

and it does not tend to peel off and has greatly improved durability.


Rock wool insulation materials are widely used in construction wall, roof, industrial furnace,

oven, heat-treating equipment, storage tank, storage groove, power house, flue, petrifaction

and oil refining equipment and all kinds of keeping-warm and heat insulation pipelines.

Specific as:

Petrochemical industry -- heat insulation and sound absorption of equipments for petroleum

industry, power industry and chemical industry.

Construction industry -- heat insulation and sound absorption of partition, curtain wall, roofs

and fences for construction.

Mining industry -- heat preservation and fireproof for industrial kiln, oven, large-caliber storage

tank and shipping.

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